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Star Lessons

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Constellation Viewer

Purpose: To learn about the constellations and the stars' positions in the sky.

Key Concept: Star groupings and patterns

Prior Knowledge:
Discuss and research the Pleaides constellation (seven stars) and make a pattern for each viewer.

paper tubes
black construction paper
black thread
aluminum foil
constellation pattern

1. Students will cut off the flaps of a box.
2. Students will line box with black construction paper.
3. Students will cut a hole (~3 cm) at one end of the box.
4. Students will insert a paper tube into the hole.
5. Students will cut seven pieces of black thread and attach aluminum foil balls to end of each thread.
6. Students will tape the threads to the top of the box and allow the threads to hang in the box.
7. Students will loosely tape the top flaps of the box closed to allow some light into the box.
8. Students will look through the paper tube and look at the Pleaides constellation.

This can also be used to look at other constellations.

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Learn more about the stars in the Phenomena section of the Bringing the Heavens to Earth module.


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