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View this series of photographs documenting nearly fifty years of Wright's life:

:: Early Photos and Family
Check out photos of Richard Wright when he was a child, as well as photos of his immediate family. [View on one page.]
:: A Young Man
Look at photos of Wright from his graduation from high school in 1925 and through to the early 1930's. [View on one page.]
:: Private Life
Meet Wright's family, including his wife, daughters, and even his cat! [View on one page.]
:: Paris and Life in France
Get a glimpse into Wright's life as an expatriate. [View on one page.]
:: Adapting Native Son
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the 1950 movie adaption of Wright's novel. [View on one page.]
:: Travels
View photos of Wright in Europe, Asia, and Africa. [View on one page.]
:: Attaining a Global Consciousness
Watch as Wright uses his worldwide visibility to effect social change. [View on one page.]


Would you rather view the photos in this gallery all on one, scrollable page? Click on the "View on one page" links at left — the gallery page will open in a pop-up window! (Requires a JavaScript-enabled browser.)


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