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:: 1600 AD - PRESENT

Cultural Background | Surviving

Cultural Background

The Ngas are one of over 30 ethnic groups or tribes in Nigeria This state has over 30 ethnic groups or tribes. These groups are predominately farmers. There is a diverse and rich culture. Traditional festivals are celebrated throughout the year celebrating their rich cultural heritage.

Time Period: 1600 to the present.

Location: the Bauche plateau in Plateau State of Nigeria. Nigeria is in Western Africa.

Geography/Topography: This area of Africa ranges from 1200 meters above sea level at the low lands to 1829 meters above sea level. The Shere Hills range are a very rugged terrain of the Jos Plateau Range. Temperatures in Plateau State are temperate. The climate is influenced by its high altitude. Nigeria is located in western Africa. It borders the Gulf of Guinea, between Benin and Cameroon.

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