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This module has been produced in cooperation with Project Exploration and their Junior Paleontologist Program. For the past three years, Project Exploration has brought city kids into the field to learn what paleontology and field-based science is all about. This three-week summer program for students ages 12-17 enhances science, social studies, language arts and leadership skills. The Junior Paleontologist Program was created to bring city kids into the field to learn what paleontology is all about and to foster long-term relationships with teachers and schools. Building relationships with professional scientists and college students are a key facet of this program, as are the unique environments — the campus of the University of Chicago, and the dinosaur-rich beds of Montana — where the program takes place.

Shureice :: Writer, Photographer
Marco :: Writer, Photographer
Gabrielle Lyon :: Project Exploration Director
Christie Thomas :: eCUIP Assistant Director
Kara Reuter :: eCUIP Managing Producer

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