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Field Notes

Day 12

From: Marco
Date: July 12, 2000
Subject: Working at the JP site

Today is Gabe Lyons's birthday, so I managed to get online and send her a greeting. I hope she liked the X-Files poster I got her.

I had woken up at about 7AM, but I still had to eat breakfast and clean the room. Instead of running I went outside to play with Remy, the family's dog. He is about 4-years-old and is a golden retriever.

After cleaning up Roman's room, I had breakfast, I believe everyone was gone somewhere, so I packed and as I left I received a call. It was Shureice, she wanted the charging cord to the digital camera. Ah well, I had to go and look for it, which took me a while.

Then I biked to work. As I rode by main street I saw the white van in the car repair shop, I immediately knew we had to use the other van. As I arrived at the museum, Susan Luinstra was loading the gear in the blue van, so I helped her.

Then off to my morning duties: fill jug, tidy up, etc. [When I finished] I found out that we had a group of nine people for the two-day activities. They did introductions and took a rock/fossil quiz. Then off to the JP site.

Shureice had to stay back and help Corlene in the gift shop and then clean up.

Back at the site I uncovered a cervical vertebra and some guy found a perfectly preserved rib. Other people worked on the tibia and fibula.

We [made] some progress at uncovering bone, then [went] off to town to have lunch. After lunch, four people from the group left, so we were left with five.

We headed off to prospect in Theropod Flats and took a long hike. Along the hike Susan and I had a contest to see who could find the first tooth fragment of the day. I won so she bought me a lemonade.

That day I found what might be a hawk's feather and we saw chips of recent-like wood that were about 70-80 million years old. They just had such a nice preservation. I also found turtle shell, to settle the bet Susan bought me a homemade lemonade.

Along the way I found a twisted thing that not even Kathryn could identify. She thought it might be mammalian or even anything. She was stumped. So we collected it, we just had to wait and see what Becca said it was. So we went all around, then hiked up a hill back to the van. On the way I found some decaying bones that may be from a cow.

In the museum I cleaned the van and invited Shureice to a snow-cone. It seemed that a thunderstorm was headed for Choteau. So then we rushed over to Shureice's host home.

A couple of minutes later her host family arrived. They were going to go out for pizza, so they invited me. So I said yes, then I asked Texel about her swim meets, [but] Shureice freaked on me. She said she does not want me to be there, so I just got my stuff and headed for home.

At home Roman was waiting for me for dinner and Joel was about to go out and look for me, because I was out and a big thunderstorm was coming. Back at home, Cory played with the laptop and we watched some TV. It was pretty cool, so now to sleep.

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Susan Luinstra, Old Trail Museum assistant instructor and school teacher in Bynum, Montana (left) with Gabe Lyons, Project Exploration Co-founder and Co-captain. [enlarge]

Remy, the Christiaens family dog. [enlarge]

Marco's home away from home, his bedroom while staying in the Christiaens home. [enlarge]

A view across the Theropod Flats site. [enlarge]

A long view of the JP's at work excavating the JP Site. [enlarge]

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