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Field Notes

Day 14

From: Marco
Date: July 14, 2000
Subject: Museum of the Rockies

Today I got up at 5:30 AM. We had to leave by 6AM, sharp! I had already emailed everyone about my 3-day trip.

I packed my bag, including my sleeping bag. Joel took off to work. He leaves for a teacher conference on Saturday morning and comes back on Wednesday night. We picked up breakfast pizzas at the gas station.

We drove out the road we usually take to get top the JP quarry — I could see theropod flats from where I was. We did have to go back to pick up Roman's book. Cory and Roman argued on who gets the front seat. I just sat in the back and went to sleep. We arrived in a house that was owned by Mary's uncle. We stayed there for about 45 minutes, then headed to Bozeman.

We arrived at the Hickies' place at about noon. They have two very small dogs. Aaron is 16, he has a job and like cameras a lot. He has a brother named Jordan, who is also 16 and just got back from Chicago about 2 weeks ago. They are both very cool. That family loves Mac computers.

We left for the Museum of the Rockies and arrived there before 1:00 — we made it in time to go and see the planetarium show about the sun, and how it has been seen and talked about through human history. It was not very high-tech as the shows at IMAX or the Adler planetarium here in Chicago. But I enjoyed the show. Then after 45 minutes we headed towards the exhibits.

The museum has great collections, but it's small (bigger than OTM but smaller than the Field Museum in Chicago). They do have a pretty nice bug exhibit though. They also have mammoth bones, and Native American artifacts. They have a very big, amazing dinosaur exhibit. Man I really enjoyed it.

Becca managed to get me a tour of their lab. That was pretty amazing, our guide was named Frankie Jackson. She is into dinosaur eggs. I though their lab is cool and they also have neat toys. I did not get any insider info or to see the collections. And I did not get to take any pictures.

After the tour we saw more of the museum — they have a life-size Triceratops and Troodon. At the gift shop I got to buy a dinosaur patch for my book bag. Then we saw a real old house that was on display, we went inside, and you could dress like them and go through stuff. Cory almost tipped over a dresser.

Then off to the Hickie's, where I met Aaron. He showed me his cameras and we talked. After a while we went to Applebee's for dinner. We ate and then off to the movies. We saw Gone in 60 Seconds. I really liked it.

After that we went to get ice cream then back to the Hickies' place, where we slept in the basement. It was hot at first but it got cooler.

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Visit the Museum of the Rockies, Paleontology Department for information about the research, collections, exhibits, and programs of the paleontology department along with news, 2-D & 3-D computer graphics, and more fun stuff for kids — get answers to the most popular questions asked of Curator of Paleontology, Jack Horner.

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