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Field Notes

Day 15

From: Marco
Date: July 15, 2000
Subject: Lewis and Clark Caverns

We woke up at 7:00AM. We all slept in the basement, but I had not slept well because of the bruise on my head — Roman had hit me with the car door, he closed it when my head was in it.

Anyway, today was the day we were supposed to go to Yellowstone National Park, but instead we went to the Lewis and Clark Caverns. We drove to Three Forks and almost reached Wyoming because we were traveling south alot. It was a two-hour tour through the caverns. We had a quarter-mile hike up the trail to get to the entrance to the Caverns. We saw many amazing formations that were inside. It turns out that Lewis and Clark never found the caverns, it's just a name.

Cory kept trying to check out girls, well, he is 13. We beat everyone to the top — we hike fast with Mary. Inside the caverns there were bats and pigeons and pack rats. I saw some bats. The tour guide's name was Debra. She pointed out lots of formations that looked like everyday things. It felt like a family trip, that is why I enjoyed it and liked it a lot.

After the caverns we drove back to Bozeman and stayed at the Ramada motel. They have a water slide and pool. We arrived, then unpacked, and Cory immediately wanted to go to the pool, to see some girls. But there were not many.

Mary had ordered us a pizza. She went to visit Uncle Kenny. So we went to the pool, then to get the pizza. When Mary arrived we were watching Shawshank Redemption, [with] Cory's cousin — the movie was very long.

Then it was more pool for us. Roman had gotten a new pet toy, he called it "Atira" and I know it was a saber tooth tiger. We went to sleep at 10:30, after watching Happy Days. Turns out Roman left his game boy in the motel.

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