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Field Notes

Day 18

From: Marco
Date: July 18, 2000
Subject: Losing a crocodile tooth

I got up at 7:30AM. I went to clean up Roman's room.

Then I went down to get breakfast, I had cereal but there was no milk, so I just ate dry Frosted Flakes. I went to feed Remy, I felt bad to see him, because he looked sad. I had to stay with him for a while because I thought he ate a rubber band, but he did not.

The highlight of my day was a big find, I was removing overburden with Todd and Shureice, then as I am removing dirt from the fibula, Todd Crowell tells me to get away because we have to work.

So I grabbed a brush and brushed the top dirt away, I could not believe what I found. It was a tooth from a meat-eater on top of the fibula. I yelled in happiness.

I got my tweezers out and moved it. I wanted to sketch it, but Todd said no, so I was going to wait for later. So I took out a film canister, and showed it to Todd. He picked it up, then asked Shureice if she wants to look at it.

As a joke Todd tells her that if she drops it we'd kill her, so her response was, "Please don't kill me." I got up and freaked — she dropped the tooth on a pile of rubble. The tooth that was almost perfect — ahhh, I thought it was a joke but it was not.

Well the morning went out fine, Todd found a pick ax he could use to get more work done faster. We also looked for gloves for my hands, but no luck. So we left a little late. As it turns out I found some gloves in the glove compartment in the van.

When we entered the badland area, Todd let me take the wheel and drive for about 75-100 yards. It was cool, but I would have enjoyed the dino mobile better. Shureice also drove, but Todd did not like her driving, he told me when she got out to open the gate.

Back to the tooth story, I spent about 45 minutes going through the pile of rubble. I did let it go eventually, but I was mad. I knew it was not Shureice's fault, but she) did not give me an honest apology.

It turns out the tooth belonged to a crocodile. I could not speak on the way to lunch. At the log cabin Todd tried to cheer me up, he kept pointing out girls to me.

After lunch we gassed up the vans and washed them ... because the JP's arrived today. The train was late, as usual, we had to drive to Shelby to pick them up. We made a sign for the JP's, then as the train pulled in, we yelled as hard as we could (well I did).

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Todd Crowell uses a pick-axe for removing overburden. [enlarge]

Marco uses a hammer for removing overburden. [enlarge]

Take a look at the actual Brushes Marco and other paleontologists use to clean dinosaur bones.

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