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Field Notes

Day 1

From: Shureice
Date: July 1, 2000
Subject: On the train

It's about 10 PM. Marco [and I] and two other people just got through eating dinner. Marco had the half chicken with a potato. I had some crunchy fish. The dude we sat with was from Japan. He was really cool. He is on his way to Bozeman, Montana. He told us that kids in Japan lose their minds over 'Digimon' and 'Pokemon' too (PIKACHU!).

Today was pretty cool - Marco [and I] learned how to use the digital and the [film] cameras. The scenery is changing very rapidly, although it is so dark I can't see any of it. Earlier there was a beautiful sunset that we had trouble capturing [with the camera], but we did.

It seems that all the people we got on the train with are all gone. Most stayed on the train for a few hours then left. When we took a catnap earlier; I was afraid of missing something spectacular or really cool.

Gabe made cookies for us, and we just tore them up. She said she made them with love. I really hope that that's all she made the cookies with.

Me and what's his name are getting along really well. I really can't believe I was worried - some of his jokes are funny! WOW! This trip does rock.

Say, I am really gonna miss my family, specially my mom. I hope things stay cool. I am kinda worried though, but who can blame me? I'm not really nervous. I'm just going with the flow. But I hope that my brother can hold it down for me until the day I get back. I'm sure he will.

We're in Minnesota now, and right now it's 10:55 PM. I am kinda tired. Marco is very energetic because of the ginseng in his drink.


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A view from the train window. [enlarge]

A view from the train window. [enlarge]

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