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Field Notes

Day 14

From: Shureice
Date: July 14, 2000
Subject: Mini tornado

Today Kathy showed me the Mural that she and some school kids made. It was to be dedicated this Thursday. It looked really cool.

We ate breakfast and then she drove me up to the Museum. Becca and I were going to go out into the field, but not before she and Corlene ran a few errands. They left me to take care of the Museum a couple of times and, aside from the cash register's tantrums, I did fine.

Becca and I left at around 10:00. We were going to trace a layer of gray sandstone around the JP site to see if it expanded far enough to be associated with two separate parts of the same formation. We lost it and then found it a little bit later.

While we were checking out some wildlife, a cute little tornado came right between us. You could hear the sound of it coming, but you couldn't really see it.

Then we lost the layer of sandstone one last time, on a plain of grass.

When we got to the Badlands again it was 12:00, and Dave Wedum had to leave and go get some bear traps, so we came back to the Museum. We took over until about 6:00.

After I helped out around the museum, I went home. The pool was really warm, and I swam all night with Texel and Zu Zu. Afterwards we ate ice cream and joked around until sundown, then we laid down and fell asleep.

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Corlene Martin, Executive Director of the Old Trail Museum. [enlarge]

The JP's gather to prospect at the JP Site. [enlarge]

Dave Wedum, Old Trail Museum Operations Manager. [enlarge]

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