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Field Notes

Day 15

From: Shureice
Date: July 15, 2000
Subject: Fossil Finder Day

Today was Fossil Finder Day. I was in charge of the games and got to give all the kids candy.

I also was finalizing the trip to Glacier National Park. I will be there for two days. Becca let me miss work so I can be there on Monday and she also let me use her binoculars and her Geology book for a few days, too.

I am going to go do pottery with Dulce, who was face painting today.

We also got to help the visitors identify items that they brought in. We had a dino fossil exhibit in the schoolhouse and a guy with a collection of arrowheads and Native American tools. This was a new addition to Choteau, because usually, at about this time, people would be running down mainstreet in dinosaur costumes. I thought it was pretty cool. All this lasted until about 4:00.

Then I went home and went to Dulce's to do pottery. [At first] I had a hard time centering the clay in the middle of the wheel. When I tried again it worked out great. I love the new bowl.

Dulce listens to this band called Zap Momma and they sound really good. Dulce rocks. She also sculpts. Soon she will have a display at the Gleason studio. (Yea!!) It was really neat.

My family taught me alot and they had already done pottery with her before. I had a lot of fun.

We left and then Kathy and Happy [my host mom and dad] cut us a deal. They said that if we were all packed for Glacier at 9:00, we could rent a movie.

We [finished in time], but had a hard time picking a flick. So we rented 6 Days 7 Nights, which was cool because they wanted me to watch some 3-hour long magic leprachaun movie. Noooooo!!

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Becca Hanna, the curator of the Old Trail Museum, on the phone. [enlarge]

Shureice's host dad, "Happy" Jack Feder. [enlarge]

Shureice's host mom, Kathy Feder. [enlarge]

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