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Field Notes

Day 7

From: Shureice
Date: July 7, 2000
Subject: Bones and bike rides

I had a pretty cool day today. We worked on the JP [dig] site and one of the members of [our] tour group was trying to pull this rock up from under JP 2 (one of the 3 bone casts at this site), because the rock under the cast was totally independent from the rest of the cast.

So, he tried to remove this rock and when he did, he found two beautiful neural elongations underneath. I had never seen bone that was so beautiful before that day. It was not his first time on one of the OTM's two-day nature courses, though. The last time he came, he was on one of our nature tours when Todd Crowell (seasonal paleontology instructor at the Old Trail Museum) found a femur that was so perfectly preserved that they just picked it up and collected it.

Afterwards Marco [and I] got to stay and email our journals. [After we finished], Marco started playing around on the computer, when I [had] promised my host dad that I would be at the bakery after work. I started to leave and Marco caught up with me and we went up to his house, to grab some bikes. Then [we went off] to the bakery — dad was cookin' up some cheese rolls, so we got some free food and we checked out the books and the other stuff he was selling.

Then Hap (my host dad) told me to go home. [When we got there, I] changed [clothes] and Marco talked to my mom. Then Marco and I went bike riding, but nothing was open!!! After about an hour we went to the gas station and I was going to get some candy.

Then we went back to his place and chilled [before] I went home [to eat] dinner. I found out that ZuZu's 13th birthday is two days away. Kathy and Texel were preparing something for ZuZu and made her wait in the kitchen. I can't wait.

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The JP's at work excavating the JP Site. [enlarge]

Shureice's host dad, "Happy" Jack Feder. [enlarge]

Shureice's host sister, Texel. [enlarge]

Shureice's host sister, Zuzu. [enlarge]

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