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Field Notes

Day 8

From: Shureice
Date: July 8, 2000
Subject: More bones

Today was the last day that we had [the tour group] — one of the kids [in the group] found a crocodile tooth and a theropod tooth when we were at Theropod Flats. A younger group member found an antelope toe bone.

The hike from the van to the actual site was a little longer than we expected, but it was fun, too.

Then we went to lunch and the [tour] group voted [to go] back to the JP site, so we were off. We finished up and, as usual, we did not want to stop uncovering some of the bone that was exposed.

Then, we [brought] the group ... inside the museum to get their certificates for finishing up this program. And we cleaned up and then left.

I chilled [at] Marco's house and went home and made a bunch of goofy movies with my host sisters. We stayed up until they made us go to sleep. Zu's b-day is a day away.

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A view across the Theropod Flats site. [enlarge]


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