"Report from First Lieutenant W. M. Penick, ASMA - Bureau for Returning Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Chicago, May 19, 1919, Chicago Women's Club, Box B, Folder Minutes, 1919-1920, Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Illinois

transcription/facsimile report



130 W. ADAMS ST.


Telephone, Randolf 5211

Chicago, Ill., May 19, 1919

Report from the First Lieutenant W. M. Penick, A .S. M.A., on Chicago, for period From May 12 to 17th inclusive -

1. The situation as to discharged soldiers in Chicago continues to be satisfactory.

2. During the past week there were 1037 registrations. Help Wanted numbered 1404, men referred to positions 1377, men placed 841. Daily statement attached; also statement for past several weeks.

3. The Employment Bureau is working well. The Knights of Columbus have opened a branch office for us. Mr. Ryan, who is in charge, will look after the lodging situation and is in a position to secure some additional hotel space for lodging purposes thru the National Catholic Welfare association.

4. The Chamber of Commerce during the past week have sent over 65 negroes South from Chicago for employment,- 15 were sent to Hattiesburg, Miss.[issippi] and 50 to Fernwood, Miss[issippi]. A small percentage of these men were discharged colored soldiers. Mr. Cole of the Southern Pine Association, with headquarters at New Orleans, La [Louisiana]. is in the city today and states that he can place from 1000 to 2000 colored men in their mills thruout the South as soon as information is received as to what destinations the men should be sent.

5. The Victory Loan committee has agreed to turn over to our Bureau the large electrical display arch in Grant Park on Michigan Avenue. This arch is in the most conspicuous place in the city of Chicago and a large sign will be placed on it advertising free employment at our Bureau. The electric current is to be paid for by a donation from the Illinois Central Railroad and the additional expenses will be taken care of out of the general funds of the Bureau.

6. The moving picture people have also requested to advertise our Bureau and we hope to have the picture slides at practically every picture show in the city the latter part of the week.

7. Requests are coming in daily regarding the special certificate or citation-form issued by the War Department to employers who are taking back their former employees. The sample of this citation has been received by the writer and everyone is interested in it.

(signed) William Penick, First Lieutenant, A.S.M.A.