"Clubs Closed By Riots Seek to Open Again", The Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, August 4, 1919


facsimile newspaper article


Clubs Closed

By Riots Seek

to Open Again


Political Issue Made of

Stockyard's Police


With the Sullivan faction pulling one way and the Frank Ragen faction, backed by hundreds of restless and irrepressible young men, tugging the other, the stockyards police are having a merry time keeping the lid clamped down on the athletic clubs in the Thirtieth ward which were closed during the race riots.

Just now Ragen, who aspire to be a delegate to the constitutional convention, is at outs with the Sullivanites and Ald. O'Toole of the thirtieth ward is in. Ragen's particular club, the Ragen Colts, at 5528 South Halsted street, is one which the lid is still tightly clamped, although saloons and poolrooms in the vicinity have all been permitted to reopen.

Told to see Alderman

A few days ago, the members of Our Flag club at 613 West Forty-seventh street, which has had a state charter for twenty years, went to the city hall to see if they could get the ban lifted.

They were not able to see Mayor Thompson and were told the club would have to remain closed for the present. Sullivan agents, they said, told them if they wanted permission to reopen they should see Ald. O'Toole.

Six of the members decided, however, to open without the formality of seeing O'Toole. On Thursday night they went to the clubrooms, turned on the lights and started the piano jazzing. Along came a detail from the stockyards station and took William Cannon, vice president of the club, George Jones, Raymond Keegan, John Klorey, John Lowe and Edward Kane to the station. When they got them there, they found there was no charge on which to book them, so they were set free.

Club Closed Again

Last night the club was opened again and again the piano was jangling a lively tune when Lieut. Rank and two policemen arrived. They made no arrests, but forced the members to leave the place and locked it up...."