"High Cost of Living Target In Message Given by Thompson", The Chicago Daily News, Chicago, Illinois, July 21, 1919

transcription/facsimile newspaper article

High Cost of Living

Target In Message

Given by Thompson


Citizens Urged to Impress on Their Representatives in Congress the Necessity for Lower Prices Being Enforced.


Sentiment in Favor of the Illinois Central Ordinance and the $28,600,000 Bond Issue Grows and Meeting Prepares to Pass on These Matters.


Mayor Thompson, in a message to the city council this afternoon "regarding responsibility for economic conditions and suggesting remedy for same, "urged the council and the people of Chicago "to appeal to their members of Congress to give us relief from the conditions oppressing the cities". He urged jail terms for profiteers.

"Relieve the people of unjust and burdensome taxes!" was what the mayor said he would have the people tell Congress. "Free the food markets from the throttling grasp of price fixing and speculators and let the natural law of supply and demand prevail.

"I appeal to the members of your honorable body to adopt resolutions calling officially upon the members of Congress representing Chicago, and to urge the people in your wards to petition their congressmen, to the end that necessary steps to remove the economic causes of the present unrest may be taken and the highest possible services thus rendered to the nation and the people," said the Mayor.

The mayor referred briefly to the threatened transportation tieup and the necessity for opening the bureau of foods, markets and farm products as instances of the "dissatisfaction and unrest which overspreads the cities, based on the excessive cost of food and every commodity essential to daily life. ......."