"Heroes of War Sworn in to Be Heroes of City", The Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, August 16, 1919





Three hundred and fifty "civies " clicked their heels together, almost saluted when they elevated their right hands and were promptly sworn in as temporary cops last night to preserve the law. The transiting took place at the Dolittle school

The batch represented the first of the 1,000 temporary policemen for which the city council voted last night and they were an impressive lot. Chief of Police. Garrity placed the stamp of approval on them with an expressive smile.

The majority of the men were ? war veterans and their poise and bearing showed it. some of them had handed "Jerry" the keys in the Argonne engagements either glittered at ?Roleau ? ? woods? with the marines. Then there were scores of guys who had bobbed up and down on the rolling billows for several months.

Works ?? the Machine

Following was the police department routine by which the war vets were made knights of the star and the "gut".

As each man approached the door of the school, he was handed a slip of paper. On this he wrote part of his life history. Then he was escorted to a room on the second floor, which was presided over by Percy C. Co??ins?, .head of the civil services commission, assisted by Joseph Oleary. Here two perspiring clerks handled the applications.

Then with the snap of their military stunts, the men were placed in platoons of twenty-five and marched to another room. Here they were sworn in by the Secretary of Police ? bloyer.

Hat numbers, clubs, and stars were distributed with directions to hang the stars on the outside of their coats until they get their uniforms. They were informed that they would have is appear on duty in their "civies", better still in their war uniforms if they could be resurrected.

Westbrook Takes Charge.

Capt. Wesley Westbrook , aided by seven lieutenants, fourteen sargents, and fifteen policemen took charge of the new men and issued copies of the policeman's manual. The next order of business was a `hip hip' order that lasted for an hour.. Much weight was cast to the winds.

They will report this morning at 9 o'clock for more intensive drilling. By Saturday they should be ready to ramble their beats in the riot district.

Among the acquisitions to the force served by Chief of Police Garrity and Dept. Deputy Abrech were a number who had gather both honor and medals in the world war.

Heroes in Ranks

Horace M. R?motherman?, late of the 33d division sported the distinguished service cross and a medal pinned upon his breast by King George.

Edwin c. Johnson, 1648 Rhodes avenue, amused his new mates by spinning several salty yarns. He had served on an American battle cruiser in the vicinity of Scope ? Flow for nearly two years.

Frank Goldre, 2611 West Eighteenth s??, told `em how the marines did it over there. He was corporal in Company M, 2d regiment.

The required thousand new cops are expected to be on duty within two weeks. Another group will be handed the star and club today.