"The Tragic Crash of a Blimp", The Independent, New York, New York, August 2, 1919

p. 146

transcription/facsimile news article

                         The Tragic Crash of a Blimp                           
Eleven people were              The Wing Foot           
killed and                                              express, as the blimp   
twenty-eight badly                                      was called, was         
injured when this big                                   making a test flight    
balloon, flying over                                    when it fell. Four of   
Chicago on July 21,                                     its five occupants,     
caught fire and fell                                    wearing parachutes,     
1200 feet, crashing                                     jumped.   The fifth     
through the skylight                                    was caught in the       
of the Illinois Trust                                   flaming gas bag and     
and Saving Bank and                                     crushed to death on     
exploding in the                                        the bank roof.          
rotunda below where a                                   Another's parachute     
hundred and fifty                                       burst into flames and   
clerks and                                              followed the balloon    
bookkeep-ers were at                                    thru the skylight. A    
work. The first                                         third man broke both    
warning to the                                          legs as he landed and   
employees was when the                                  the other two,          
burning mass struck                                     experienced             
the floor scattering                                    balloonists, landed     
gasoline flames in                                      one on a roof, and      
which five girls and                                    one in the street.      
four men burned to