"Falls Kill 3 Air Racers, The Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, October 9, 1919

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1 Flyer in Chicago;

51 Others Speed,

East and West.



Pensacola, Fla., Oct 8, Three naval aviators., Machinist Charles K. Selbold of Pensacola, and Boatswaine Roy McMillan of Wetmore Park, Rochester, N. Y, and Paul Reichel of Hammenton, Col. were killed today in the fall of a sea-plane into the bay. The plane side slipped and fell 500 feet.


Mineola, N. Y. Oct. 8 -- Forty -nine airplanes piloted with one exception by American military aviators, started from here today to train as …..8,400 miles across the continent and return in the greatest speed, endurance and reliability contest in history, while from San Francisco sixteen planes took the air for the east. Three more planes will leave here tomorrow.

Eight Accidents, Three Killed

Eight accidents, in which three persons were killed and one injured, had been reported tonight to the headquarters of the American flying club here, which is co-operating with the army air service in conducting the contest.

Maj. D. M. C??, was brutally killed, and his observer, Sargt. Virgil Thomas, received injuries from which he later died when the plane in which they had left San Francisco early this morning crashed in attempting to land at Salt Lake City.

Sargt. W. H. Nevil died this afternoon of injuries received when a plane in which he and Col Oswald Brand [?] was riding fell to the ground at [?] , N. Y. Col Marshal was reported to be not seriously injured.

Seven Forced Landings

Seven forced landings were reported. Lieut.... Kirkpatrick came down at Vernon N, Y......