Letter from Mrs. Medill McCormick (Chairman of Republican Women's National Executive Committee to Miss Agnes Nestor, Agnes Nestor Papers, Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Illinois, Feburary 22, 1919

transcription/facsimile letter


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1623 H Street NW Washington DC

Committee Executive Secretary:

Mrs Florence Collins Porter, California Mrs. George W. Reinecke

Miss Mary Garrett Hay, New York Washington Headquarters

Mrs Margaret Hill McCarter, Kansas 1623 H Street. N. W.

Mrs. Josephine Corliss Preston, Washington

Mrs. Raymond Robins

Feb. 22, 1919

My dear Miss Nestor,

I am addressing you as an active worker among women to ask if you have affiliated yourself with any political organization. If you have and it happens to be my party, the Republican Party, may I ask if you will not communicate with me and help us in your state? If you have not as yet identified yourself with any party, may I hope that you will be interested in learning of the great opportunity for service now open for the women in the party which I now represent?

Your experience, I am sure, has been the experience of all of us during war times. The women are alive- they have tasted the fruits of victory; not alone the victory abroad has stirred them, but the victory here at home in America. In their home towns - the victory of proving themselves useful to their country. To be of service when service meant the winning of a great cause is a privilege and an experience not to have been forgotten.

Women never go back and so now they will go forward. The country still needs the service of its women, perhaps even more so than it did during wartime. These are the days of readjustment for America, and we want to make it a period of reconstruction. If we are to hold the ground gained, must we not continue our fight for representative government? A high standard of citizenship can best be accomplished if women take an equally important part in creating this standard by participating in the affairs of political parties.

It is through the action of political parties that constructive legislation is enacted into laws; for example, for the protection of women and children and establishing an adequate educational system which is so much needed in this country.

We are too apt to think of politics as though its whole subject matter is an abstract idea when in reality it is only another side of our everyday human activity. Those of us who live the common life must always be the real power in a democracy and through the political parties interpret the knowledge of us all.

The Republicans realize this situation and are seeking the cooperation of the women. Will you not join us in creating for the women as well as the men of our party, a sound and progressive economic and social program?

Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience, I remain

Very sincerely yours,

Ruth McCormick ,Chairman.

(Mrs. Medill McCormick)