"Forward!", Znanje, Vol. II, No. 17, July 28, 1919 (CROATIAN paper - W.P.A. Project 30049) : True translation filed with the Postmaster of Chicago, April 7, 1919 as requested by the Act of October 6, 1917]

transcription of a foreign newspaper

ZNANJE, Vol.II, No.17. July 28, 1919


We announce to our comrades and our readers that the Post Office authorities retained number 16 of Znanje. The police inform us that that was not done on account of anti war propaganda nor for violation of the espionage act, but because it is thought that Znanje promotes violent means of overthrowing our present American government.

The article in question was the printed report of Comrade Stankovic under the title, "From the conference of the Left Wing."

Not only was this number stopped but the case given over to the State's Attorney, to start suit for the purpose of deporting the persons responsible. We ask our readers to remain calm and work to get more subscribers. We will do our part to secure regular editions of the paper. The more since peace has been declared, the old laws will be in force guaranteeing both freedom of speech and of the press. We are able to lead in this endeavor and we hope to win, since all know that we were and are true opponents of violence.

Each printed line of Radnicka Straza and Znanje refutes the suspicion of the authorities that we are anarchists. They know that we used legal means, that we appealed to the conscience, prudence and class education in this struggle against capitalistic institutions There is no law in this country allowing prosecution for our action.

Comrades and workers! In the worst times you showed that you have at heart the cause of the international proletarians, the cause of humanity, your own cause. Now you must show by even greater force that you are ready to make greater sacrifices for the adancement of the Socialist movement, which appealed only to the reason of the more able proletariot. Your answer must be a more intensive to the assaults of spurious patriotism of falsly informed authorities. Work for your official organ ZNANJE which stands for principles of international socialism and workers solidarity.

We must not only enlarge our paper but our entire literature. Let thousands of workers, having tasted the beauties of the modern capitalistic state, return to their home country as ardent socialists, as opponents of exploitation, of all violence and of slavery.

In America we will never be able to hold a great, important and decisive role. Our field of action is our home country, where nine tenths of the Jugoslavs will return.

We have to prepare these workers for the struggle aginast capitalism when they return home.

We have to work steadily. Now are the best opportunities for great propaganda, spreading our ideas of Liberty and of International Socialism.