"Butler, Sheppard, Motordom Tribune Tours - 1919 Route 28 to Elgin", The Chicago Daily Tribune, August, 17, 1919, p. 6

transcription / facsimile of newspaper automobile road guide

  MOTORDOM - conducted by Sheppard Butler  TRIBUNE TOURS  -- 1919 --  ROUTE 28  - A   
                                 NEW ROUTE TO ELGIN                                   
MOTORISTS bound for Elgin [a      
destination or particular         
interest this week, because of    
the races] may now have the       
novel experience of following     
a route which is paved nearly     Mileage                                             
thirds of the way. This becomes   0.0   Michigan and Jackson       32.6   SCHUMBURG, four          
possible through the opening of   boulevards: go north in          corners with stores; keep       
a new stretch of concrete on      Michigan and follow the main     ahead. 34.8   End of road;      
the Higgins road, which carries   automobile thoroughfare          turn right and take first       
the pavement of that thoughfare   through Lincoln Park and out     left hand road, at school       
to a point about  twenty-eight    Sheridan Road 6.0    Lawrence    (54.9) 39.4   End of road;      
miles from the loop               avenue, turn left. 12.4          turn right and follow direct    
                                  Milwaukee avenue;  keep ahead,   road, which becomes Chicago     
                                  presently bearing right with     street, into                    
                                  our tracks, still on Lawrence                                    
Leaving the Higgins road at the   13.2 End of road;   turn right   43.7   Elgin, Chicago street    
end of the pavement, one makes    and  immediately left onto       and Grove avenues.  For the     
the rest of the run into Elgin    Gunnison street. 23.2            races keep ahead across Fox     
over country roads, which are     Ridgeland  (Sixty-fourth)        River and railroad, turning     
mostly stone or gravel, and       avenue; turn right. 26.4 Four    immediately right in State      
which are fully as good those     corners; turn left onto          street one block and then       
over which the who journey must   Higgins road. Keep ahead on      left (west) in Highland         
be made if one takes the old      Higgins road pavement through    avenue 43.5   At fork, bear     
Elgin road through Addison and    ELK GROVE (23.3)  27.9 End of    left for grandstand and south   
Bloomingdale or follow the        permanent pavement: turn left    leg, of course, and right (or   
alternate route through Itasca    and take first right hand road   north leg,) parking spaces      
and Roselle. The new  route is    ( 26.6) 29.4 End of road;        ------- *Millage 12.4 to 14.4   
about five  miles longer  than    turn right and take first left   in a detour to avoid a bad      
the  older  ones, but  this  is   hand road (20.7)                 stretch of Higgins road with    
                                                                   the city limits.  When the      
                                                                   city paves its part of          
                                                                   Higgins  road one may turn      
                                                                   right in Milwaukee avenue and   
                                                                   immediately bear left onto      
                                                                   Higgins road.                   
more than offset by the greater   
speed possible on the fine        
Higgins road concrete.            
Incidentally, it leads onto one   
of Cook country's most            
beautiful forest preserves,       
between Elk Grove and             
Schaumburg.  The itinerary is     
logged in detail herewith: and    
indicated by the heavy lines on   
the map. The lighter lines        
indicate the older routes.        
These are direct roads and are    
easily followed without           
detailed directions.  Irving      
Park boulevard  leads directly    
into the Itasca-Roselle route,    
which is in excellent condition   
this summer, for the most part,   
and the Addison Bloomingdale      
route is merely a continuation    
of Lake street. Traffic on the    
latter has been so heavy that     
it probably is the least          
desirable way to go to Elgin,     
but it presents no real touring