Butler, Sheppard, "MOTORDOM Tribune Tours - 1919" - Route no. 22- Chicago, Ill., to Lake Geneva, Wis. - 76.5m.", Automobile Blue Book, vol. 5., Chicago, Illinois, 1919, The Chicago Historical Society Library, Chicago, Illinois

transcription / facsimile of newspaper automobile road guide

    MOTORDOM - conducted by Sheppard Butler  TRIBUNE TOURS  -- 1919 --  ROUTE 22  -   
           Chicago, Ill., to Lake Geneva, Wis. - 76.5m. Reverse Route 545             
                                  Mileage Total Intermed                              
Via Lake Zurich, Wauconda,         0.0   0.0  CHICAGO, Michigan    52.7   0.3   End of road, at    
McHenry, Ringwood and Hebron.      and Jackson Blvds.  Go north    large brick church; turn        
Pavement to Jefferson Park;         on Michigan Blvd. past Art     right.  Avoid left-hand         
concrete to within 3 miles of     Institute on right. 0.7    0.7   diagonal road 53.1.  Avoid      
Lake Zurich: balance gravel.      jog left and immediately right   right -hand diagonal road       
This is the most direct line to     across drawbridge, keeping     55.4.  Cross RR 56.5. 56.6      
this popular Wisconsin resort.      ahead on Rush Street.  1.0     3.9  Ringwood, bank on right.   
A pretty trip thru rolling         0.3     Ohio St.; turn right    Straight thru.  59.6   3.0      
farming country. For option via    one block and then left onto    3-corners, just beyond iron     
Elgin, see Route 28. Numerous         Lincoln Parkway.  Enter      bridge; bear right at old       
other desirable options can be       Lincoln Park 2.4, keeping     mill  59.9   0.3  Fork; keep    
had by combining various routes       middle drive. 10.8  4.8      left with poles.  65.3   5.4    
For this and other exits see            6-corners; meeting         Right-hand road; turn right     
City Map, page 86  *Des           cross-trolley, bear right onto   with double line of poles.      
Plaines, Ill. (Pop. 3,000, alt.   Milwaukee Ave.  Go under RR at   Straight ahead before this      
641 ft.),  is an enterprising      JeffersonPark 12.3. 15.6  4.8   turn is Route 25 to Harvard.    
little town situated on the Des    Niles, fork.  Keep left. 18.2   67.3   2.0   Hebron.            
Plaines river, which is here      2.6   Caution; left-hand road;   Straight thru across Rrs at     
spanned by a fine bridge.  The      turn left onto Ballard Road    sta.                            
Methodist camp meeting grounds        (concrete).  20.6   2.4      SERVICE STA.--United States     
are located here, near the          3-corners; bear right with     Tire Sales & Service Depots     
river. This historic meeting        concrete.  Avoid right-hand    located here.                   
place has been maintained for       road 20.7, crossing bridge     Avoid left-hand diagonal road   
nearly half a century and is       just beyond. 21.2   0.6   Des   67.4.  Cross RR 69.1.  70.4     
the drawing card for many         Plaines,*  diagonal 4-corners,   3.1  End of road; turn left.    
hundreds of visitors annually.      at edge of town (center of     70.9   0.5  4-corners; turn     
The remains of the Pottawatomie    town over to left).  Straight   right.  Avoid right-hand        
Indian village, also situated      thru on Rand Road.  Cross RRs   diagonal road 75.1.             
in this vicinity, add much to        21.3  -21.6-22.1.  Avoid      Lake Geneva City Map and        
the historic interest of the       left-hand diagonal road 25.4.   Points of Interest, page 558.   
town. Arrow heads and other        Diagonally left at 25.4 leads   76.1   5.2   4-corners, in      
Indian implements have been           to Arlington Heights, 2      middle of downgrade; turn       
found here from time to                miles.Cross RR 34.1.        left 76.3   0.2   Fork; bear    
time.The River road, now a           Cross another RR  at sta.     left along shore of lake.       
state road, was at one time an        36.4. 36.5   15.3  Lake      76.4   0.1   3-corners, just    
Indian trail.  The forest          Zurich, at stores.  Straight    beyond bridge, boat houses on   
reserve has taken over               thru along shore of lake.     left; bear right, onto Broad    
extensive tracts of land along    37.8    1.3  End of road; turn   St. 76.5   0.1  LAKE GENEVA,    
the river which tracts are             right away from lake.       Broad & Main Sts., P.O. on      
being beautified at a great          Cross RR 39.8. 40.0   2.2     left.                           
expense.                              Lake Corners, diagonal       HOTELS--Hotel Geneva, On        
                                    4-corners.  Bear left with     shore overlooking the Lake.     
                                   poles.  42.1   2.1  Wauconda,   Hotel Glenwood, W. end          
                                     just beyond sta., bank on     of Lake, S. Shore (P.O.         
                                   left.  Keep ahead. 42.3   0.2   Fontana).                       
                                    Left-hand diagonal road, at    Lake View Inn, 819 Lake St.,    
                                     foot of grade; bear left.     Lake Shore Drive                
                                    Straight ahead before this     Hotel Lone, 817 Lake St.        
                                   turn is Route 23 to Fox Lake.   (Hotel Denison in               
                                    Avoid left-hand road 46.7,     connection).                    
                                   curving right along banks of    GARAGES--Hutchinson Garage,     
                                   Fox river. 47.2   4.9  End of   124 Broad St., Near Lake        
                                   road, small wooden school on    Shore.                          
                                   right; turn left. 47.5   0.3    SANATARIA--The Lake Geneva      
                                    3-corners; bear left. 50.1     Sanitariums (Lakeside &         
                                  2.6  End of road, small wooden   Oakwood), Off. 31 Main St       
                                    school on left; turn right.    Lakeside Sanitarium, Lake       
                                    Avoid righ-hand road 52.2.     St., 1 blk. S.W. of  Broad.     
                                    Curve left across Fox river    Oakwood Sanitarium, Main St.,   
                                    52.3. McHenry, just beyond     4 blks. E. of Broad St.         
                                  long iron bridge.  Keep ahead.   SERVICE STA.--United States     
                                   HOTELS -- The McHenry House,    Tire Sales & Service Depots     
                                        Water & Pearl Sts.         located here