Letter to Mr. John A. Richert from the Office of the City Clerk, James T. Igoe, (`Wheeltax'), June 17, 1919, Chicago City Council, City Council Collection, Illinois State Archive, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois

transcription/facsimile letter



                       CITY OF CHICAGO  OFFICE of the CITY CLERK           

June 17, 1919

Mr. John A. Richert,

Chairman, Finance Committee.

Dear Sir:

Owing to the increase in amount of work on wheel tax licenses,

due to the increase in number of licenses for new cars I deem it necessary

to continue three extra men through the summer which will necessitate an

additional appropriation of $500 from wheel tax. The issuance of wheel

tax licenses will continue throughout the summer and fall and the

appropriation already made will soon be exhausted.

Yours respectfully,

James T. Igoe

City Clerk