:: Everybody Wants a Key to my Cellar by Bert Williams
:: How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm by Noble Sissle
:: He'd Have To Get Up, Get Out, and Get Under (To Fix Up His Automobile) by Will Haley
:: Take Your Girlie To the Movies by Billy Murray
:: Come, Josephine, In My Flying Machine by Blanche Ring
:: Workingman's Blues by King Oliver
:: Agnes Budilovsky, Clothing Worker
:: Al Wadopian, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union
:: Henry Martinez, Mexican Community Center, Chicago, Illinois
:: A New Life in America — Immigrants
:: Science and Inventions for a Better Life
:: The Race Riot, The Death of a Young Boy at the Beach
:: South Chicago and the Settlement of the Mexican community
:: Popular Songs of World War I and their Stereotypical Attitudes
:: The first Steel Works at 109th street
:: Steel Workers and the Unions
:: Student Study of the Chicago Stockyards
:: 1913 - 1920 — The March of Woman for Suffrage
:: World War I, Sacrifice and Slaughter of Europe vs. Wilson's Just and Lasting Peace

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