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Chicago: City of Neighborhoods Image Gallery
CHAPTER 1: The Loop
History Images,
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  CHAPTER 10: Washington Park - Grand Boulevard
History Images,
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CHAPTER 7: Lower West Side
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  CHAPTER 11: South Lakefront
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Map of Grand Boulevard - Washington Park. »
Cox (40th) Street Near State in the Old Federal Street Area. »
Grand Boulevard Looking South from 42nd Street. »

Temple Isaiah. »
Grand Boulevard across from Washington Park. »
Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church (formerly Sinai Temple). »

Corpus Christi Church. »
Garfield Boulevard (55th Street) Looking West from Dearborn. »
Washington Park Race Track. »

Washington Park, c. 1908. »
Jackson Park "L" crossing Garfield Boulevard. »
St. Mary A.M.E. Church. »

The Lakeside Club. »
The Michigan Avenue Garden Apartments. »
St. Anselm Church. »

Interior of St. Anselm's. »
Frame Houses at 3903-5 S. Federal. »
The Robert Taylor Homes. »

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