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Grand Boulevard — Washington Park Tour: Site J
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Site J
Turn right at 60th Street and go four blocks west to Michigan Avenue. Go one block south on Michigan to 61st Street, then turn east. St. Anselm Church at the northeast corner of 61st and Michigan was immortalized by James T. Farrell in his trilogy, Studs Lonigan. Founded in 1909 by Irish Catholics, this parish built a new church in 1925. Pastor Michael S. Gilmartin and his congregation fervently hoped that the $350,000 church would keep the neighborhood white. But four years after its dedication, St. Anselm's claimed only a handful of white parishioners. In 1932 George Cardinal Mundelein turned the church and school over to the Divine Word Fathers, and St. Anselm's subsequently became a thriving black parish. Like Corpus Christi, the other parish of Farrell's youth, St. Anselm's is now the "old neighborhood" parish for hundreds of Chicago's black Catholics.

The above photograph shows the greystone apartment building at 5816 S. King Drive (now demolished) that was the home of James T. Farrell in the early 1920s. In the second floor apartment overlooking Washington park, young Farrell "dreamed…and resolved to write." Studs Lonigan, as well as Farrell's Danny O'Neill novels, recreate the Washington Park neighborhood in vivid detail.

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