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Grand Boulevard — Washington Park Tour: Site L
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Site L
Continue four blocks east on 61st Street to King Drive. The 61st Street shopping strip is typical of the small commercial centers which grew up around stations of the Jackson Park line of the South Side Elevated Railroad. The "L" played an important role in the development of the modern urban neighborhood with its characteristic "flat" buildings and its concentrated population. Like earlier suburban developments established along commuter railroad lines, neighborhoods like Washington Park were attractive to Loop workers as well as to office workers in the stockyards district to the west. In contrast to the bungalow belts where residents owned their homes, the apartment district near the "L" experienced continual turnover. This pattern of mobility, which was set by Irish and Jewish newcomers in the 1910s, was continued by the black families who moved into Grand Boulevard and Washington Park.

The above photograph shows The Du Sable Museum of African-American History, 740 E. 56th Place and a premier attraction of Washington Park, in 1985. Founded by Dr. Margaret Burroughs, the museum documents the experience of American blacks with special emphasis on art and music.

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