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Lower West Side Tour: Sites J & K
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Site J
Harrison Park
at 18th Place and Wood, with its distinctive brick fieldhouse (1924), is one of the few open spaces on the Lower West Side. Because so many of the neighborhood's homes are built close to the sidewalk, there is little room for front yards where children can play. Once the scene of Bohemian gatherings, Harrison Park is now the site of Mexican celebrations and athletic events.

Site K
Turn right on Wood Street and go one block north to 18th Street, then left on 18th Street three blocks to Hoyne Avenue (2100 West). Turn left and follow Hoyne five blocks south under the "L" tracks to 21st Street. In recent years the neighborhood known as Heart of Chicago has been overshadowed by the Pilsen community to the east. Area residents have responded by proclaiming their neighborhood's identity through colorful banners.

The above photograph reflects that some of the brick cottages in the Heart of Chicago neighborhood were constructed before the street grade was elevated. Beneath the vaulted sidewalks, homeowners cultivate small gardens.

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