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Lower West Side Tour: Sites L & M
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Site L
Turn right at 21st Street and go one block west to Leavitt Street (2200 West), then two blocks south on Leavitt to Cermak Road. St. Matthew's parish complex at 21st and Hoyne is a classic example of ethnic succession in the neighborhood. The parish was founded in 1872 by German Lutherans. The brick Gothic church on the northwest corner of the street (1887) is also known as Iglesia San Mateo. Lutheran services are now held in both Spanish and English, as in many churches on the Lower West Side. Directly across the street, the former German Lutheran school (1882) has been converted into the Living Word of Faith Community Pentecostal Church. Since the late 1960s many of the Lower West Side's churches have taken on new life as Evangelical houses of worship. The above photograph shows St. Matthew's Church at the northwest corner of 21st and Hoyne in1980.

Site M
Go one block east on Cermak to Hoyne (2100 West), then right on Hoyne two blocks south to 23rd Street, then turn right and go three blocks west on 23rd Street to Oakley (2300 West). The German Catholic church of St. Paul at 22nd Place and Hoyne has been rediscovered in recent years by a new generation of architecture and music lovers. Henry J. Schlacks designed this magnificent Gothic structure with its twin towers, and it was said to be his favorite among his Chicago churches. St. Paul's was built in 1899 by German craftsmen from the parish, a common practice in Europe. As finances permitted, the interior of the church was embellished with spectacular mosaics; these were completed in 1930. St. Paul's is now well known throughout Chicago as a location for Music of the Baroque concerts.

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