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Lower West Side Tour: Sites Q & R
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Site Q
Although 26th Street has long been the area's major shopping center, Cermak Road still contains a number of institutions from the days when the neighborhood was known as South Lawndale. The St. Paul Federal Savings and Loan branch at 2854 W. Cermak, for example, recalls the role building and loan associations played in the development of the Lower West Side.

The Marshall Square Theater at 2875 W. Cermak Road now shows Spanish language films. Named after the nearby Marshall Square Boulevard, the theater was one of South Lawndale's showplaces in the 1920s.

Site R
St. Casimir Church at 22nd and Whipple is one of South Lawndale's most beautiful houses of worship, beloved by generations of Polish Catholics. The parish was established in 1890, and the present Baroque-style church was dedicated in 1919. Today St. Casimir's is the "old neighborhood" parish for hundreds of Polish-American families who have moved away from South Lawndale to other parts of Chicago and the western and southern suburbs.

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