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Lower West Side Tour: Site S
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Site S
Turn left on Kedzie and go four blocks south to 26th Street. The Kanoon Magnet School at 2233 S. Kedzie continues an important tradition on the Lower West Side. Just as earlier public schools memorialized Bohemian and Polish figures such as Dvorak, Jirka, and Paderewski, so also new buildings reflect the neighborhood's Hispanic majority. The Kanoon School (1980) is named after Gerald Delgado Kanoon, a Mexican-born bilingual teacher and administrator in Pilsen and Little Village who died in 1978. He was well known for his interest in science and bilingual education.

The Kedzie Avenue Municipal Public Baths building at the southeast corner of 24th and Kedzie is a link to the days when neighborhood homes lacked modern conveniences. As late as 1944, fifteen percent of local dwellings, especially in the area east of Kedzie, had no private toilet or bath. The above photograph shows the Kedzie Avenue Municipal Baths in 1985.

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