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South Lakefront Tour: Sites A, B & C
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Site A
Proceed three blocks west on 47th Street to Woodlawn (1200 East). A twenty-six story high-rise apartment building containing 200 units towers above the intersection of 47th and Lake Park Avenue. This is Lake Village East, part of the Lake Village complex that stretches along 47th Street to Ellis Avenue. Designed in 1971 by Harry Weese and his associates Ezra Gordon and Jack Levin, this is an example of the later stages of urban renewal for the Hyde Park-Kenwood area. Just to the south stand two high-rise co-op apartment buildings developed by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union and designed by George Fred Keck and William Keck.

Site B
Turn left on Woodlawn and go three blocks south to 50th Street. On the northeast corner of 47th and Woodlawn, Chicago Muslims are constructing the Muhammad Mosque. Dana Ave., Ltd. is the architectural firm.

Site C
A fine Italianate style house stands at 4812 S. Woodlawn. C.S. Bouton of the Union Foundry Works built this home in 1873. It is a good example of the type of housing that was constructed in the Kenwood area after the Civil War as the community came into its own as a fine suburban development connected to the city by excellent commuter train service.

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