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South Lakefront Tour: Sites Q, R & S
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Site Q
Turn right at the Midway Plaisance and go two long blocks west to Cottage Grove Avenue. The Midway was designed as part of the South Park System by Frederick Law Olmsted. It served as the carnival midway for the 1893 Columbian Exposition. Today it acts as the "main street" of the University of Chicago, whose buildings line it on both sides. The original campus designed by Henry Ives Cobb faces the Midway between University and Ellis Avenues on the north side of 59th Street. The main quadrangle lies behind the massive Harper Library. The quadrangle can be entered by foot from 59th Street or by auto from 58th and University. Cobb Hall (named after Silas B. Cobb, no relation to the architect) on the east side of Ellis Avenue was the first building to open. It set the pattern for most of Cobb's work at the University of Chicago. The architect chose blue-gray Bedford cut stone for the buildings of the university.

The above photograph shows Hutchinson Court of the University of Chicago in 1985. Mitchell Tower stands tall above Hutchinson Court. This group of buildings was opened on December 22, 1903. This court was the original site of the Court Theatre.

Site R
Turn right at Cottage Grove and proceed north to 55th Street. As you make the turn, you will see a large concrete sculpture on your left at the edge of Washington Park facing east towards the Midway Plaisance. This is Lorado Taft's famous Fountain of Time. It was dedicated in 1923 after fourteen years in the making. This sculpture was reportedly cast in the largest plaster piece-mold in the world. The Fountain of Time is the only part of Taft's plan for the Midway which was actually carried out. Taft envisioned the whole Midway as a sculpture garden dedicated to the great ideas of mankind.

Site S
The DuSable Museum of African-American Culture stands on the northwest corner of Cottage Grove and 57th Street. It is one of Chicago's foremost black institutions. An impressive sculpture garden decorates the museum's northern entrance in Washington Park.

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