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South Lakefront Tour
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Site V
Turn left at the traffic light just before the Museum of Science and Industry and follow the parkway to Lake Shore Drive. Turn right and follow Route 41 south through Jackson Park. Be sure to stay to your left so as not to exit to Jeffery Avenue. Stay on Route 41 (South Shore Drive), passing the Jackson Park Marina on the left.

Just beyond the marina is La Rabida Children's Hospital and Research Center. This important charitable institution owes its existence to the World's Columbian Exposition. The original hospital building was erected by Spain to serve as the Columbus Memorial during the fair. It was a reproduction of the Franciscan monastery of La Rabida near the city of Palos. The monks of Palos befriended Columbus and helped him convince the Spanish monarchy to finance his journey to the new world. The Spanish consul in Chicago offered the building as a children's sanitarium after the fair. The original reproduction was demolished in 1935 and was eventually replaced with the three buildings we see today. La Rabida cares for chronically ill children of all economic levels who pay according to their family's ability.

The above photograph shows La Rabida in Jackson Park in 1911. This postcard shows the replicas of the La Rabida Monastery and Columbus's Santa Maria flagship.

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