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South Lakefront Tour: Sites Y & Z
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Site Y
Continue two blocks west on 72nd street to Jeffery Avenue (2000 East). Turn right and go three blocks north to 70th Street. At 71st and Jeffery you will pass through a neighborhood shopping strip which was once one of the most exclusive outlying shopping strips in Chicago. After years of decline it is now experiencing a revival, thanks to local investment. Still, there are considerable problems here which are tied to the general economic picture of South Shore.

Site Z
Turn left at 70th Street and go two blocks west to Bennett (1900 East). Make a right and go three blocks north to 67th Street. You are now driving through the Jackson Park Highlands, an integrated residential community that boasts some of the finest homes in Chicago. Rev. Jesse Jackson, jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis, and other notables live in this neighborhood. Playwright David Mamet also lived here for some time. Many University of Chicago professors and other professionals live here. At 67th Street turn right and go two blocks east to Jeffery. Turn left and you will be back on South Shore Drive heading north into the city.

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