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3. More Classroom Resources

The other thing that you can do that's kind of interesting I think, and requires I think more teaching skills, I've never done it because I don't think I have the skills to do it, is to use Jacob Lawrence's prints in your class.

I chose one for the cover of my book and actually, I'm very proud to say that when I chose that for the cover of my book Jacob Lawrence was not yet "hot." [Laughter] And he very soon became "hot," and he, the other thing that's one of the real treats for me is that my copy of my book is signed by Jacob Lawrence--but the Migration Series is a very provocative set of paintings.

[Male voice] Could I say something?


[Male voice] Whitney.org has Jacob Lawrence now and it is a phenomenal, phenomenal web site.

Is the whole series there or just their half?

[Male voice] I'm not sure, it might be just theirs, but the resources there, everything about it is phenomenal.

[Female voice] There is a web site that has a whole series ____.

The whole series?

[Male voice] OK.

[Female voice] The other thing is, this is Dover, we bought it last summer. For $6.95 there is a Dover edition that has all the prints and they are very good copies, but the narrative they have is _________.

Oh yeah, it’s a book, a blue book. Right, they have the whole series of them.

[Female voice] Can I ask a question? So the Promised Land and Up South, are those videos available for sale, if you went on-line are those available for purchase?

I think if you went to the American Social History Project, which is located, it’s still at Hunter right?

[Female voice] Um huh.

It’s at Hunter College in New York; you can get the American Social History Project, Up South, for seventy-five bucks they charge?

[Female voice] Yeah, something like that. It comes with videos, and the teacher’s guide and student guides accompany the video.

It’s called Up South and actually if you go to their web site, if you order that one and you like it, then you should go back and take a look at _____ they have a whole series, [paper rustling in microphone] _____ all kinds of different genres, different topics. The Promised Land, I don’t know where you would get that now. Maybe, well I don’t know maybe PBS. The other thing you could do I‘d be glad to--I could loan it to Ken sometime. [Laughter]

[Female voice] We’ve kind of done a little resource library here ____ that Ken ___so that would be all right.

[2nd female voice] From the Discovery Channel?
It was originally on the Discovery Channel.

[2nd female voice] But they sell their…

Yeah, it’s possible. The question is where you find it now. So if you went to Discovery Channel or you emailed them it’s possible that you could find it. It was done by BBC actually. It’s from Nicholas London’s book, The Promised Land. But parts of The Promised Land that many historians find objectionable, they actually left out of those videos so—there’s a main character that’s not in the film.


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Explore The Great Migration through A Story in Paintings by Jacob Lawrence.

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