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5. Looking for Answers

OK, let's just leave this for now. We'll come back to it later and I'm going to add a bunch later. What I'd like to suggest to you is that these kinds of questions you can get from documents, in fact it'll also be starting points for students to do their own research projects.

Some of these are readily answerable if you go to the right kinds of sources; some of them are harder to answer. And I would like to also suggest some other questions that you could ask. And I think also once you start to ask these kinds of questions and then think about how you find the answers, then again you get the possibility of pulling together a set of lessons relating to migration/immigration, especially when you start to take this and throw it back on to all the others and ask yourself can you ask the same set of questions from the same, from different sets of documents that relate to different groups. And one of the things that's important about these is that you can find letters like this for other immigrant groups. So, this is a source that you can easily compare from one group across to another.

OK, so I'm going to now do something I've prepared and I'll try as I go along even though my back is to this, give me a second to look at-to memorize, and what I don't answer as I'm talking I'll come back to later.

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