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17. Population Data

[Male voice] Is there any indication that the census data of the growth and the urban population in the south just prior to…?

The urban population of the South grows considerably between 1900-1910, 1910 to 1920, but again, until you can watch specific people move, it's very hard to figure out who's going where. And actually you can do that if you really want to get into a different kind of research that's much more difficult because the census, one of the things the census tells you is where children are born. So, you could go to the 1920 manuscript census. You could go to the original census schedules for 1920, that people filled out or the census taker filled out, and you could look at Joe and Barbara Smith in 1920 and find out that they had four children and the census will list where each of their four children were born so you could actually follow these people. This is a huge quantity of work obviously for them to keep track of all these people, count them up and do all of that kind of stuff.
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