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30. Conclusion

One of the letters that I gave you, you might have all not gotten to it, but toward the end talks about going to a White Sox game and being able to sit wherever you want. But again, if you were sitting at a White Sox game amidst of all of these white people, some of whom are from neighborhoods that, you don't want to mess with, what are the rules? There probably are rules; how you can behave, whatever and that takes a while but yet, this guy still writes back about what an exhilarating feeling it is that he can go and he can sit wherever he wants.

[Female voice] Some of the things people take for granted, _____ that he never had before.

Yeah, and the change comes as you begin to read in the twenties, thirties and forties--the change comes as increasing numbers of people now take this for granted and say this isn't really a whole lot, we want more.

Well it's about past six o'clock and I think it's been a real good, _____________.


One thing that Ken mentioned earlier is that the Newberry "Teachers as Scholars" program. I think Kenwood is a participant, but I think we've had teachers from Kenwood, I unfortunately didn't bring any information about it but you can go to the Newberry's web site which I think is www.newberry.org or I think Ms. Taylor probably has information and was a participant and these are two-day seminars that actually look kind of like this where people read about fifty to one hundred pages and then there's two days of conversation about the reading. Love to have you participate. And CPS pays for your substitute.

[Female voice] Also, anybody have my book that I was passing around?

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