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Where do the Digital Library materials come from?

The Digital Library is comprised of four main types of material:

  1. Full-text journals, reference works, indexes and instructional materials licensed from commercial sources by the State of Illinois, the Chicago Public Schools, or the CUIP itself;
  2. Teacher-selected Web sites and educational portals that provide access to quality digitized resources and are useful for research;
  3. Published and unpublished source materials for which rights to digitize and/or offer access have been obtained, such as materials from archives such as the University of Chicago Library Special Collections Department and the collections of the Metro History Fair; and
  4. Materials produced by students and teachers from participating CUIP schools, with cooperation from the Digital Library staff.

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See some modules that draw from these three types of source materials:
  1. Reference Desk
  2. Reading Room
  3. Hyde Park Houses
  4. McCosh Math Magazine

In the future, eCUIP hopes to host special visual, video, multimedia, and interactive learning materials made available through special arrangements with organizations such as the Oriental Institute and the Museum of Science and Industry.

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