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Rising to the Challenge
OCTOBER 27, 2000

We've just returned from Rising to the Challenge 2000, a Chicago Public Schools Professional Development Conference, where we gave a brief presentation on the activities of the Digital Library Project for the last year, along with a demonstration of this eCUIP Web site.

This was our second visit to the conference — we were especially happy to return this year to show off our new and improved "eCUIP 2.0." We regret that we were a late addition and didn't make it onto the official schedule, but were pleased to have had an almost "full house" in the beautiful computer lab at the brand new Walter Payton high school.

Thank you to all of you who attended our presentation — we hope you enjoy your visit to eCUIP and, more importantly, find eCUIP useful. If so, please bookmark our site! And, don't hesitate to get in Contactwith us to tell us what you think!


"The Rising to the Challenge Conference is held on a city-wide staff development day to give support and training to classroom teachers, technology coordinators and administrators in the Chicago Public Schools. Its mission is to infuse technology into CPS classrooms and curriculum to equip our students for the 21st century."

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