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2001: A Technology Odyssey
DECEMBER 6, 2000

We've just returned from 2001: A Technology Odyssey for the New Millenium, the Chicago Public Schools' Principals' Technology Conference. We worked with about 50 CPS principals in eight sessions over the last two days, introducing the eCUIP project, reporting on the activities of the Digital Library Project for the last year, as well as offering a guided tour of this eCUIP Web site.

Thank you to the CPS Department of Learning Technologies for inviting us to attend and a special thank you to all of you who attended our presentation! We hope you enjoy your visit to eCUIP and, more importantly, find eCUIP useful. If so, please bookmark our site and tell others about our project! And, don't hesitate to get in Contactwith us to tell us what you think!


The Principals' Technology Conference was presented by the Chicago Public Schools, Office of Technology Services, Department of Learning Technologies at the Medill Training Facility.

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