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Introducing: Practice Using eCUIP
MAY 23, 2001

We have added a professional development activity for educators to the Training section of the Teachers' Lab. The activity is designed to introduce eCUIP to newcomers, as well as familiarize present users with the breadth of information available on the site.

eCUIP staff have used this as a culminating activity at many hands-on demonstrations. You can print it out and complete the activity on your own, or use it to introduce your fellow faculty to eCUIP.

We hope that you will find this a valuable resource. If you have any ideas for other professional development activities please get in Contact with us.

Have a great summer and keep an eye out for new additions to the Digital Library!


Practice Using eCUIP
Try this activity to get the hang of using eCUIP to browse and search for answers to your research questions.

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