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Introducing: Link Graphics
JUNE 25, 2002

Do you have a Web site? Do you want to provide visitors to your Web site with quick access to eCUIP's wealth of resources? If so, we'd love for you to link to eCUIP!

We have now made it easy for you to quickly add a link from your Web page to ours. Here's one example of the eight different buttons and banners that we have created for you to use.

Visit our Link Graphics page, where you can download the button or banner that works best on your Web page, or copy and paste the code we provide into the HTML of your Web page. It could not be easier to insert a link to eCUIP from your own Web site!

We hope that this makes eCUIP easier to access for you and the visitors to your Web site. If you add a link to us, please Contact us to let us know about it!



Link Graphics
Choose from eight different buttons and banners to use to link to the eCUIP Web site.

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