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LSTA Grant Award
APRIL 7, 1999

The CUIP Digital Library Project is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant in the amount of $153,000 from the State of Illinois under the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA). The grant will fund the creation of a digital scanning service for eCUIP participants.

Four aspects of this service are included in the grant:

  1. Establishing a shared production scanning facility, located at the University of Chicago Library, that both the eCUIP project and the University Library can use to digitize materials for their websites.
  2. Digitizing a collection of materials on Ida B. Wells from source materials held at the University of Chicago, the Vivian Harsh Collection of the Woodson Library, and other places. Ida B. Wells was a journalist and campaigner for civil rights and women's suffrage. Her materials will serve as a demonstration project for use of the shared scanning facility, and will be a major addition to the African American Studies shelves already being planned for eCUIP.
  3. Establish scanning stations in eight of the public schools participating in the eCUIP pilot project. These scanning stations will consist of a high-end computer workstation, scanner, printer, and appropriate software. The project will also fund two additional workstations for access to the eCUIP material.
  4. Train teachers and librarians in each of the eight schools receiving scanning stations in use of the hardware and software.

More information will be forthcoming as we work out details of each of these aspects of the award.



Read more about the State of Illinois' Library Services & Technology Act.


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