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Teaching Guide

This module is designed to provide WIT participants with an introduction to using digital libraries and eCUIP, a K–12 digital library for the Chicago Public Schools.

Locating the information that meets your needs requires the use of tools other than traditional search engines and browsers because the majority of the Web is hidden from these search mechanisms. The only way to access these resources is to search or browse the databases themselves; in other words only through digital libraries can the Invisible Web be visible--and usable--to you and your students.

This module will introduce various digital libraries and how to use them to locate information.

Goals and Objectives
This module explores digital libraries and eCUIP, a digital library .built specifically for use in the Chicago Public Schools.

At the conclusion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • define a digital library
  • identify alternatice search techniques and tools
  • use digital libraries to locate resources
  • use eCUIP and other digital libraries with their students

This module is designed for teachers who are new to using the Web as well as teachers who have some experience using the Web. The modle is designed for teachers, librarians, or technology coordinators who use the Web with their students.

Before using the module, participants should be able to use a Web browser. Participants who do not meet this prerequisite should use the Netscape Navigator module. In addition, users should be familiar with traditional search strategies and tools. Participants who do not meet this prerequisite should use the Finding existing resources module.

The subject of this module includes digital libraries, the eCUIP digital library project, and educational uses of various digital libraries.

The materials necessary to successfully complete this module include:

  • an Internet capable computer
  • a Web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape)

Instructional Plan
Mentors should proceed through the lectures with the students. Throughout the module are TRY IT OUT! tasks. These tasks are very simple and can be done in a very short period of time. The mentor should demonstrate the TRY IT OUT! tasks before allowing the participants to try it themselves. There are a number of TASKS which can be done individually.

Mentors should encourage participants to send any questions about or comments on the curriculum contained in this module to Craig Cunnningham, Director, The Web Institute for Teachers.

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