Indian Trails
Join Jacques on his canoe trip to Chicago in the 1790s. Along the way you'll learn how people travelled to Chicago before there were roads or trains


The Chicago River in 1800
Learn about the Chicago River from J'ayek, a Potowatomi boy living in 1800. Learn how Chicago got its name!

Water and Waste in Early Chicago
Wanda and Wally Water Drop will tell you about life in Chicago in the 1700s and 1800s when people used the lake and river as their sewer and water source.

City Sewers: Dealing with More and More Waste
As more people and businesses came to Chicago in the 1850s, the city became more polluted. Join Mr. Plumber to find out how Chicago tried to solve its waste problem by raising the streets


The Illinois & Michigan Canal
Angus lives near the Illinois & Michigan Canal in Bridgeport. Learn how the canal was built and how it opened Chicago to trade and travel in the 1850s.

Riding the Illinois Central to Hyde Park
Join Maggi and Jim on their first train ride in 1856 from Chicago to Hyde Park on the new Illinois Central Railroad.

City Streets
Chicago was planned on a grid that helped it grow in every direction. Join Heidi to learn about life in Chicago in the 1860s and how new streets improved our growing city.

The City's First Water System
Learn about the amazing underground lake tunnel that brought clean water to Chicago residents. Mr. Plumber will tell you about Chicago's first municipal water system in 1900.

The Transcontinental Railroad
The iron horse in the fastest way to travel in 1880! Learn about Jim's trip from coast to coast on the new transcontinental railroad.

Chicago's Elevated Trains
Chicago's "L" trains have helped people get around the city since the 1890s. C.J. learned about the "L" for a school report and she'll tell you all about it.

The Sanitary and Ship Canal
Join Beata to learn about her life near Chicago's Bubbly Creek in the 1890s. Find out how the city solved its water problems by reversing the flow of the Chicago River!