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Title: The Donnelley Youth Center Art Garden--Meditation Grotto

Artist: Mr. Imagination and Milton Mizenburg

Commissioned by: Chicago Youth Centers/Elliott Donnelley Youth Center

Location: 3947 South Michigan Ave

Medium: Cement

Commentary: Like David Philpot and Milton Mizenburg, who created the Donnelly Center Totem Poles, Mr. Imagination is a self-taught local artist. He says that "this grotto came to me in visions and dreams. Different faces and angels represent everyone from around the world. . . . Mirrors and jewelry represent reflections, seashells represent the first home of God's creatures, hands represent the youtn . . .and the fossils represent our ability to experience the past along with the present."

The Donnelley Art Garden is unquestionably the greatest accumulation of outdoor art on the south side of Chicago.

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