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About the Authors
Dominic Pacyga, a professor  at Columbia College in Chicago, received his PhD in History from the University of Chicago at Illinois. In addition to his responsibilities as lecturer at Columbia College, he frequently lectures on topics such as Chicago history, urban development, labor hisotry, and race relations. In addition to Chicago: City of Neighborhoods, he has authored or co-authored Polish Immigrants and Industrial Chicago (1991), Chicago: A Historical Guide to the Neighborhoods (1979) with Glen Holt, and Chicago's Southeast Side (1998) with Rod Sellers. Most recently he edited The Chicago Bungalow, a collection of essays, with Charles Shanabruch.

Ellen Skerrett, an independent scholar who received her MA from the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought, is associate editor of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s website, “Urban Experience in Chicago: Hull-House and Its Neighborhoods, 1889-1963,”   She is editor of At the Crossroads: Old Saint Patrick’s and the Chicago Irish (Loyola Press, 1997); co-author of Catholicism, Chicago Style (Loyola Press, 1993); The Irish in Chicago (University of Illinois Press, 1987); and Chicago: City of Neighborhoods (Loyola Press, 1986).

Copyright & Permissions
Forward reprinted with permission from Nancy B. Newman.

Images courtesy The Catholic New World, Archdiocese of Chicago reprinted with permission from The Catholic New World, Archdiocese of Chicago.

Images courtesy the Chicago Historical Society reprinted with permission from the Chicago Historical Society.

Images courtesy the Chicago Park District reprinted with permission from the Chicago Park District.

Images courtesy the Commission on Chicago Landmarks reprinted with permission from the Commission on Chicago Landmarks.

Images courtesy J. Ficner reprinted with permission from Joseph Ficner.

Image courtesy the Gads Hill Center reprinted with permission from the Gads Hill Center.

Images courtesy A. Kezys reprinted with permission from Al Kezys.

Images courtesy J. O'Malley reprinted with permission from John C. O'Malley.

About this Module
This module was possible thanks to the Women's Board of the University of Chicago and the National Endowment of the Humanities (through a grant made to Kenwood Academy High School).

This module could not have happened without the help of Ellen Skerrett, Dominic Pacyga, Rev. George Lane, Janice Knight, Ken Warren, and the faculty and staff of Kenwood Academic High School.


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